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game of thrones nite
May 12th:  We wrapped up Mother's Day with an evening of pizza, black forest cake and Game of Thrones!

walking the dyke
April 12th:  Walking the dyke in Port Alberni is not as challenging as the hiking trails, but this hour of exercise sure beats sitting in a wheelchair at a nursing home - and lost 16 of the 32 pounds gained there.  Lots of locals walk their doggies here.  

big band music

April 7th:  We had front row seats for a wonderful nite of old tyme music as the 17-member Nanaimo Big Band Orchestra visited Port Alberni.

shroud of turin expo

arriving in Campbell River
March 15th:  A bunch of ladies from Port Alberni are up in Campbell River BC today to see the Shroud of Turin expo.  We were treated to a wonderful salmon lunch hosted by St Patrick's CWL.

cwl 47
Jan 24th:  Theresa's 47th year with (Catholic Women's League) CWL!


rainbow 1901
Jan 18th:  Vancouver Island's autumn monsoon is winding down bringing us more fog than rain lately.  Throw in some rare winter sunshine and the brilliant rainbows return.

first flower
Jan 16th:  Usually our first flower is a crocus or snowdrop - and they are poking thru - but today we found this lovely Mountain Bluet in bloom already.
pruning pear tree
Jan 16th:  We always prune our fruit trees before the sap runs.  Thus far we've had only 3" snow and low of -6C.  Last autumn's bounty yielded 400 pounds of asian pears & portuguese plums - so pampering trees is definitely worthwhile.


Jan 8th:  After just seventeen days back at home, Theresa is feeling great, resuming normal routines and engaging in more conversatons.  She's lost eight pounds already!  The diapers and walkers are gone and she's been on short hikes for the first time in four months.  Her family doctor is back in charge today (3 meds gone incl Tylenol-3 and Morphine dosage reduced by 33%).

Jan 4th:  "On the 11th day of Christmas, my true luv gave to me..."

ragnar & frosty on new years day
Jan 1st 2019:  Playing with Ragnar & Frosty-Girl on New Years Day 'cuz there's still "so much Trump on CNN".  Every night thru the holidays we've been watching movies, concerts or hockey - with good deli cheese & sausage, chocolates, liqueurs and egg nog.

toilet Dec 31st 2018:  Theresa's dad lived to near age 102 and a memorable quirk of his final years was his resistance to stay put at old age homes.  Well perhaps "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" cuz Theresa's first try at the nursing home thingy is similarly going down the drain.  We're not sure if it's good news or bad news - but apparently while she was home for holidays her private room at Fir Park Village has been locked.  It looks like our innumerable complaints with respect to the shoddy care over there resulted in her ultimate eviction.

Everyone's heard the rumours that loved ones only last four months at Fir Park before ending up at the funeral home.  Well, the exposés you see on CTV & CBC about some seniors homes is really true - and Theresa was well on that path.  There's only 60 residents at FPV, but every 13 days another poor soul kicks the bucket.  BTW, there is little ability for one to avoid the place.  When Vancouver Island Health Authority says your number has come up on the wait-list, one has no choice of the first placement facility.

But I digress.  Theresa took up residency in mid July.  She was one of the fortunate - having an open tenancy allowing her to drop back home any time w/o curfew or return date.  Even so, we immediately saw drastic deterioration in her care.  And as with other families, our complaints to the staff were met by management with a threat they'll call police to charge us with "workplace harassment".  Encouraged by others in the community facing similar reactions, we persisted - resulting in verbal threats of Theresa's eviction in October & November.

The first signs of negligence were the obvious - unclean hands, bum rash, unbrushed teeth & dentures.  Then came the weight gain:  29% of her body weight (3 lbs per week) in just three months.  The impact was immediate - her hip and knees gave out - and she was in tears from pain just trying to walk to the dining room.

Their remedy:  Ibuprofen, then Tylenol, then maximum-dose T-3 & finally morphine - and thus she joined the many seemingly sedated fellow zombies.  She went from three pills a day to eleven.  And remember, in the days prior to being admitted to FPV, Theresa regularly hiked to Canal Beach & back -  a one hour trek down & up the giant hills of Cameron Heights.  In less than 90 days she had been relegated to one of those walkers - then a wheel chair.  Our pleas for a weight-loss plan went unheeded.

The incompetence pervades the admin offices as well.  Theresa's eviction is said to be also partly based on non-payment of rent. VIHA advised us the staff never passed on Theresa's rent money.  Today's eviction notice includes a final demand for eleven thousand dollars!  "They can all go to hell" said Theresa as she tried to rip up the registered letter.  Our rebuttal:  go chase the nurse who "lost" the rent.

Then there's the ignoring of her "no contact list" set up with Fir Park when she was admitted.  Theresa has said on multiple occasions (below) she's suffered financial abuse and elder abuse activity for five years at the hands of her estranged son Victor Hutter, daughter Marilyn Hutter Watson & granddaughter Christine Baird.  Fir Park did not care.  Yet her abusers were allowed to phone and visit Theresa without restriction.  The victimization seems to never end.  Albeit Theresa spent $50,000 in legal fees over the last five years to keep those three away, the nursing home failed to protect Theresa from her abusers.  The Fir Park Care Director stated our pleas for her weight reduction regimen are being ignored, in part, due to Victor's objection.

it does get worse.  Dignity doesn't matter at Fir Park.  Theresa must wear a diaper all day...

It is clear that place was killing her and time was running out despite our (four) interventions at the management level.  Our concerns were not being addressed.  Theresa has gratitude this short chapter of her life is over for now.

Rant over.  And we feel it should be said the Adult Day Service run by Karen Hall & Surj Jhaj at FPV is an excellent program.  Albeit hosted by Fir Park, it is somewhat separate.  Theresa regularly attended the Day Service prior to being admitted for long-term residency.  She enjoyed its social activities and outings.  Port Alberni is quite fortunate to have this facility for dementia seniors - and their family members who benefit from the home care break.

xmas 2018

xmas fh th

Dec 25th:  Christmas breakfast - eggs benedict with our smoked salmon lox and her own sparkling asian-pear wine.  She's spending a couple of weeks at home with Evalina, Freddy, Ragnar & Frosty where she's safe from her abusers and can heal.

Hi Santa!

Dec 2nd:  Listening to wonderful Christmas hymns at the annual Blue Marlin tree lighting again - and Santa dropped by!

toilet Nov 30th:  Theresa says "I am a victim of financial abuse again. This cannot be happening!"  Her estranged children (Victor Hutter of Port Elgin & Marilyn Watson of Waterloo) appeared in an Ontario court today.  They asked a Judge to stop her from spending their Inheritance.  They have blocked her nursing home from taking money from her trust account.  She says "THIS IS ELDER ABUSE!"

And this is the second time.  In 2016 they wanted $32,000 in blackmail money to stop harassing me.
  She says it cost her about eight thousand dollars in each of the last five years to have lawyers defend her from spending her own money - $40,000 down the drain...


vinyl coated the deck
Nov 25th:  The vinyl coating on Theresa's new deck looks great - getting ready for railings & sun room.

toilet Nov 19th:  For the second time in twenty-one days, Theresa's nursing home threatened to evict her because an Ontario court blocked them from withdrawing rent money from her $233,000 trust acct set up for nursing home costs.  The court says any such payments need the ok of her three living children - and two of  them have refused approval.  She says "My life is going down the toilet again..."

cut & style please!  done! Nov 7th:  Theresa's new Wednesday routine with Cheryl & Evalina.  Just turned 87 and finally getting some grays.

replacing my deck - finally!
Oct 10th:  Theresa's deck has needed repairs for over two years but her estranged children (Victor Hutter of Ontario Hydro & Marilyn Hutter Watson of Wilfred Laurier University) took legal action to block her from accessing her Ontario trust acct.  They appeared at an Ontario court claiming she has no right spending money and making donations which are draining their Inheritance.

She has spent $35,000 in legal fees since 2013 defending her spending and declaring to all their mischievous legal moves were FINANCIAL ABUSE & ELDER ABUSE.

Fortunately, she has an investment coming due and can finally go ahead with sun room.
visting Frosty

visiting Ragnar
Oct 10th:  Theresa luvs to give Frosty & Ragnar "massages" when she comes back home.
huge pears this fall
Oct 10th:  We're picking record huge asian pears this fall.  Keeping a few, but will be making wine again from most.

toilet Sept 12th:  5 yrs ago today Theresa moved to The Yukon and told CanadaPost she was never coming back to Ontario.

Sept 9th:  5 yrs ago Theresa met with Woodstock Police to get a restraining order against her estranged kids (Victor Hutter of Port Elgin & Marilyn Watson of Waterloo).  Officer Nikki Vanleeuwen t
old her to change the locks and tell them they'd be trespassing if they try to bother her.

Sept 7th:  5 yrs ago Theresa found Victor and his daughter Christine Baird had called her bank, charging she was mentally ill - causing a freeze on all her accounts for 12 months.  She was destitute.  Her Royal Bank manager later explained to Theresa her estranged grand-daughter, Christine, was fired from Royal Bank for her part in this and other mischievous activities.

Aug 29th:  5 yrs ago Theresa asked her lawyer to revoke the power-of-attorney from her estranged children saying "They're not people you want making the decision "to pull the plug."

Aug 10th:  5 yrs ago her oldest son Fred flew in from The Yukon to help with shopping, meals & laundry.

Aug 7th: 5 yrs ago Theresa was found and taken to Emergence by her dear sister-in-law, Ann.  A giant goose-egg and lots of cuts & bruises.

Aug 6th:  Five years ago today Theresa fell down the basement stairs but received no help - she was convinced her now-estranged daughter & son had left her to die...

fire view from my deck

fire across from marina

fire from deck  glowing fire
Aug 10th:  Five wildfires near town - this one right across from us - we won't forget the nite-time glow.

On July 10th Theresa's # came up on the nursing home wait list - we weren't expecting this 'til year end.  Island Health requires a "yea" or "nay" in two hours and the latter can delay the next opportunity for up to two years and freeze home-care services.

Reluctantly, Theresa was admitted three days later to Fir Park Village in Port Alberni.  It is a 60-resident nursing home with which she was familiar - hosting the seniors club she attended three times per week.

Being way more mobile and healthy than most residents, Theresa has an open tenancy - allowing her to freely come and go with us - with no return or curfew restrictions.  So she often returns to her Cameron Heights home - visiting Frosty & Ragnar, her neighbours, gardening and watching Trump on CNN, The Young & Restless & movies.
admiring my russian sage

my peonies
May 27th:  Another sign Spring is here - her peonies & russian sage.
both made in 1931
May 27th:  A sure sign of Spring is the Show 'n' Shines.  Here we have two models "made in 1931."


May 22nd:  So Theresa is back after ten-day stay at hospital after picking up some food poisoning on Mothers Day.  Long-time friends & family cannot recall her being admitted overnite since she had babies!

Nurses were all very nice but she's glad to be home.  She got hit very hard in this episode.  So much so her doctor is sending home-care workers to help us with daily care chores - and he placed her on the Island wait list for nursing home residency...





May 12th:  walking the gardens at the Crow&Gate Pub
mothers day at crow&gate
May 12th:  steak & kidney pie at the Crow&Gate (Yellow Point) with good friends on Mothers Day

May 11th:  more from the nursery

lazy saturday watching figure skating
Feb 10th:  A lazy Saturday afternoon watching figure skating


Jan 1st 2018:  Hiked down to Canal Beach to watch the annual Polar Bear swim.

me & fran

christmas 2017 thfnln

Evalina & Rick

Fred & Peter
Dec 25th 2017:  Another white Christmas - again this year we saw Santa fishing while driving past Cameron Lake on the way to Duncan. Lesley & Rick did the turkey and I brought my new pear wine. Shared the wonderful dinner with Fran & Peter, Evalina & Fred and Christmas crackers.


Dec 24th:  It's snowing! So we took Frosty for a good run because she loves the white stuff. Can you tell she misses the Yukon?

My church doesn't have midnite mass this year but we did celebrate Christmas season with a CWL lunch and St Vincent de Paul supper.

86 bd with fh th ez

Oct 20th:  We're celebrating my 86th birthday tonite - wonderful Italian food, wine and pumpkin spice cheesecake at La Bruschetta. 


86th crown roast

86 with peter & fran

86 with Lesley
Oct 15th:  We're celebrating the third anniversary of our move to Vancouver Island with Leslie and Fran and Peter's crown pork roast and pumpkin pie.


2017 toy run 1244 bikes

Sept 16th:  Enjoyed breakfast and live music at the downtown harbour.  Then we heard the roar of 1244 motorcycles stopping by in Port Alberni for their annual visit.

4th yr out west
Sept 13th:  Four years ago today I left Ontario behind along with months of elder abuse at the hands of Victor Hutter of Port Elgin and Marilyn Watson of Waterloo.  To this day they are trying to steal my life savings.  I celebrated my escape from them with good Greek food and wine at Orestes.


holding blair park goats

blair goats
July 11th 2017:  It was fun petting goats, sheep, doggies, chickens & ducks at Blair Park tonite.

July 8th 2017:  Port Alberni's main street is shut down for a car show.  Here's two beautiful Corvairs from the 60's.  BTW, we have three deli's in the Valley.


June 12th:  Five days after eye surgery and I'm trying Zumba class at the gym!


bunnies nanaimo
June 7th:  I've had a blind eye for ten years. Today I was at Nanaimo Hospital.  My specialist says he can fix it.  Between procedures we stopped for pizza at the park and found about three dozen friendly bunnies.

mother's day 2017
May 14th:  Sharing Mother's Day with Fran, Lesley & Evalina at Heritage East Indian Cuisine near Cowichan Lake


March 29th:  This long winter meant less hiking and way too much time watching old movies and Trump on CNN. So Evalina and I joined the gym...

March 19th  The first hummingbird showed up today so Spring on the way finally. We attended a nice Sunday afternoon concert with famous Islanders Valdy & Gary.

2016 wine from my asian pear tree

beat-the-bear wine 2016
March 5th:  I'm so proud of my asian pear tree.  We harvested just before the black bear raids and now have 90 bottles of sparkling wine!
bear pear bottling
March 4th:  My asian pear tree produced 500 pounds of fruit last fall so we had much of it pressed into juice. Today Peter & Fran helped us cork 90 bottles of this liquid gold.

13 inches in february
Feb 4th:  Over two feet of snow has fallen in the last 8 weeks!  So instead of going for walks I'm mostly inside doing some major downsizing.


Jan 26th:  A night of good food and friends at La Bruschetta Restaurant. We celebrated Freddy's last nite before turning "65". Since he has two left feet, Judy lent me her husband Willy for the good songs.


banner in duncan


Jan 23rd 2017:  For the first time in six weeks I can see my green lawn again - the snow is finally gone. Instead of -11 it's plus 11 today and very sunny.  A nice day for my drive to Duncan with Evalina to attend the Catholic Women's League retreat.


ladysmith christmas lights
Dec 25th 2016:  We drove through downtown Ladysmith on the way home to see their famous Christmas lights.
alistair & peter

christmas at lesley's in duncan
Lesley hosted a potluck Christmas - we brought homemade poppy seed strudel. Alistair greeting Peter - it was a sad and "quiet" night with his buddies Odin & Molly spending the holiday in doggie heaven this year.
santa fishing!

Well that's something you don't see every day! We just left Port Alberni and there's Santa out fishing on Cameron Lake in Cathedral Grove.
christmas day 2016

eggs benedict
Dec 25th:  It's a rare white Christmas on Vancouver Island and we're starting out with Evalina's traditional eggs benedict with champagne mimosa. We smoked our sockeye to make the lox - oh so tender and tasty. Then on the way to Duncan.







Dec 17th:  After sunset we enjoyed a roast beef Christmas dinner at our Yacht Club. Everyone came with appetizers, veggies & desserts to share. Evalina brought her famous tiramisu. During the feast all the members shared a favourite sailing story.

As an offshore racer, Mazurek has the club's deepest keel (over seven feet) and the tallest mast (50') - so we were encouraged to join in with the annual stringing of Christmas lights.
nite reflection

Dec 17th:  Because of the rare cold wave we still have lots of snow in Port Alberni. It was a big surprise to find the -11C temperature had frozen the ocean water around all the boats at our marina in Deep Bay. And made for good reflections!


Dec 10th:  Yesterday we woke up to four inches of fresh snow and took Frosty-Girl to the doggie park - she was not very co-operative! Another six inches this morning makes for a winter wonderland.

cameron heights girls
Dec 3rd:  A bunch of girls from Cameron Heights at the CWL Christmas Lunch.  And tomorrow we're all going to the St Vincent de Paul supper.

nice trophy
Nov 24th:  The yacht club presented this beautiful trophy to the "potluckers" at tonite's AGM.  I guess they liked our cabbage rolls!

   correct link for sailing video Nov 20th:  One of my favourite restaurants (Blue Marlin) arranged a community tree lighting and Christmas carol sing-along.

     correct link for sailing video

     correct link for 2nd sailing video
Nov 6th:  A gorgeous day of sailing turned into fun with the help of a bunch of sea lions.  They played hide&seek with our boat for fifteen minutes.

Three days ago we picked the last of our Asian Pears - that's five hundred pounds in all - and we're going to try and make some wine.

clubhouse at Deep Bay
Oct 27th:  Oktoberfest potluck at the (floating) Deep Bay Yacht Club ... we took the cabbage rolls.


Oct 2nd:  Gabriola Island just past exciting whirlpools at Dodd Narrows and Nanaimo harbour.
leaving maple bay

helm at maple bay
Oct 2nd:  Starting out for an all day cruise from Maple Bay.  We agree Vancouver Island looks way better from the sea than the highway!
marina birdseye

birdseyecove floathomes

birds eye cove
Oct 1st:  Beautiful scenery, swans & floating homes.  And lots of good food and drinks at the Shipyard Restaurant.

morgan berthed at birds eye cove
Oct 1st:  We found a night berth in gorgeous Birds Eye Cove.  So this is "home sweet home" when we're cruising.
Oct 1st:  Leaving Sidney & passing a pit stop for birdies.
leaving sidney Sept 30th:  Fred & Larry heading out to test new GPS chart software so we don't get lost or wander into shallow water...

Sept 21st:  We all went for a sail in Sidney.  To quote Fred's friend Bill, "would you rather have a view ... or be the view?"


   correct link for sailing race video
Sept 11th:  Watching sailboat races at Deep Bay.

sorry, no pic's
Sept 4th:  Lots of good music, friends, food & fireworks at Port Alberni's Salmon Festival again.

Aug 13th:  Too many hot days over 30 degrees so we've been hiking with Frosty on the forest trails this Summer - a real nice break from watching the Olympics every day.


   correct link for sausagefest
July 16th:  It's time to visit Peter & Fran to make some more garlic sausage and bacon.  It being Evalina's birthday, Lesley treated us to a lovely English brunch (and drinks) at "Hudson's on First" in Duncan.

July 9th:  On the way to the Jane Austen festival.




May 8th:  Went to Ladysmith with a bunch of moms on Mother's Day for East Indian at the Spice Hut. Biggest rosemary bush ever is outside!


May 3rd:  Saw deer & llamas on the way to Chemainus with friends for Chinese Food
last year's video

April 20th:  The hummingbirds have been coming for a month.  My pear & plum trees are in blossom. Lots of blue skies & temp records (30C today).

Alberni trekkers

April 12th:  A fun evening at Char's Landing celebrating Yuri Gagarin Nite with the Alberni Trekkers.

  correct link for last dance

   correct link for closing time

   correct dance link

bette & me

out to sproat lake for music & drinks

March 17th:  My good neighbour Bette enjoying live music, dancing and green beer with us at Sproat Lake.

Is BLACKMAIL a form of Elder Abuse?

March 16th:  I was warned today my estranged son (Victor Hutter of Ontario Hydro, Port Elgin) intends to continue his harassing phone calls even if I pay his $32,000 blackmail money. Is he insane? I'm not

more hyacinths

end of winter


March 15th:  My hyacinths came out last week. Camelias too. My fruit trees are budding, but not yet any sign of new leaves in the valley.

Is BLACKMAIL a form of Elder Abuse?

March 13th:  Well, the lies are exposed. Fred says a new email from Victor retracts his promise yesterday to never contact me. I made arrangements this morning to pay his $32,000 blackmail money to get peace back in my life. But since it's obvious I can't trust him, definitely no cheque going to Port Elgin. To repeat, I don't even want him (or Marilyn or Christine) at my funeral!

Is BLACKMAIL a form of Elder Abuse?

March 12th:  Excellent news today. Victor emailed Fred this morning to say if I pay the $32,000 blackmail money, I never have to talk to him or see him again for the rest of my life. I will be free of his harassment by March 31st. Time to go to the lawyer and get this in writing.

the whole gang (except evalina)

Lesley is 88 !

at Duncan for a birthday party

March 9th:  Peter & Fran joined us in Duncan for lamb and champagne mimosas to celebrate Lesley's 88th birthday. Lots of daffodils out this week.

  correct link for mozilla browsers

Feb 27th:  Me and Frosty at the doggie park

lunch at the Clam Bucket

   correct link for mozilla browsers

lunch with agnes

Feb 25th:  So nice to share oyster and halibut burgers and wine at the Clam Bucket with Agnes, a truly special friend of 65 years!


another truckload of my stuff

Feb 24th:  Allied Van Lines is back with another load. It is so nice to finally have all my stuff under one roof again!

crocuses are back

Feb 21st:  First robins in the neighbourhood - also one day later than last year

Feb 13th:  More rain in February, lots of foggy mornings, sometimes sun in the afternoon to bring out more flowers and heather.

spring is here!

Feb 8th:  It's 12C & the first crocuses opened today - only one day later than last year. Spring is here!

eating sprouts already

alfred's birds

Feb 3rd:  Even though the winter rains continue, nothing puts a smile on your face faster than catching an early morning visitor nibbling fresh grass and garden sprouts.

A few minutes later, all I could see was starlings and wondered if Alfred Hitchcock was in town. Each winter day we've been putting out seeds, bread crumbs and diced lard for the jays, flickers, towhees, thrush and juncos. The neighbourhood also has bald eagles, doves, pigeons, crows and gulls.

Jan 9th:  A full house at the Legion tonight to see the Elvis tribute and of course some dancing (sorry no pic's).

Is BLACKMAIL a form of Elder Abuse?

Feb 2nd 2016:  A few days ago I found out one of my investments is coming due early: $32,000. By coincidence of course, I got a letter from my estranged children's lawyer demanding I pay them $32,000 within two weeks or they will use Ontario court actions to declare me incompetent, force me to return to an mental institution in Ontario and give them control over my money, investments and all my assets.

This is elder abuse. I am being blackmailed by my estranged son (Victor Hutter, formerly of Ontario Hydro, Port Elgin) and my estranged daughter (Marilyn Watson, Wilfred Laurier Univ, Waterloo).

Back in August 2013 the Woodstock police were helping me get a restraining order against them and Christine Hutter Baird. After I moved to The Yukon, the Whitehorse police there referred me to Victim Services to protect myself. Here in BC I met with the RCMP to shield myself from ongoing harassment by Victor.

This included their making a formal claim on my money and investments at my bank. It took over two years to convince the bank to release the freeze on my funds.

It never stops...

I am very thankful the police are helping me but they can't stop the ongoing mischievous court actions which have drained my life savings of tens of thousands of dollars since I revoked Marilyn Watson & Victor Hutter of their power of attorney status two years ago.

new year's day breakfast

Jan 1st:  Happy 2016! This past week was fun and wonderfully delicious with christmas concerts, seafoods including squid, a kangaroo burger, lots of chocolate and homemade cookies, many toasts, then prime rib and dancing on New Year's Eve.

This morning we made eggs benedict with escargot and champagne mimosas. Then all walked down to the beach to watch this year's 70 brave locals participating in the polar bear swim.

white eagle

snow on boxing day

Dec 27th 2015:  A day late but it was so nice to get three inches of snow these past two days to set the right mood for all the Christmas decorated homes in town.


Peter's smoked bacon

Oct 24th:  We had the deli from 1960 to 1994. So many good memories came back with our sausage-making party with Peter & Fran in Cobble Hill!

Their Traeger Smoker has shared up some real nice side bacon, back bacon, salmon, arctic char, prime rib and pastrami.


bette and rod at my birthday at bavaria again

Oct 20th:  Back to the Little Bavarian again for my 84th birthday with Bette, Rod, Fred & Evalina. 
open water

happy evalina

Fran & me

barkely cruise

another cruise to ocean

Sept 13th:  Fran and Peter joined us for a cruise up our fjord (Barkley Sound).  Their sandwiches and cider and a bit of whale-watching made for a wonderful voyage.

white water

stamp falls bear chasing salmon


stamp falls hike

Sept 12th:  Headed up to Stamp Falls with Peter & Fran.  After four months of clear blue skies we're finally getting some rain for the local creeks and rivers.  The sockeye, coho and chinook are real happy ... so are the black bear!

carving on the deck

golden eagle

chainsaw art

Sept 7th:  Fred picked up a new pet - a golden eagle - at the Port Alberni Salmon Festival.
precious eh

einstein sandcastle in parksville

Aug 15th:  Finished this great day with a trip to Parksville to see the sandcastle festival. My favourite was the Einstein.
snowbirds over b29

comox air show

Aug 15th:  Another air show. This time at the Comox Air Force Base. Lots of acrobatics, B-29, the Snowbirds & the F-18 in the sky and much more on the runways.



July 9th:  The Hawaii Martin Mars water bomber is stationed over the hill at Sproat Lake.  Quite a thrill when it buzzes our rooftops on practice water drops by the beach.

ocean bound

down the Alberni Inlet

meeting people on the cruise

my house on the hill...

July 4th:  Today we are cruising down the fjord towards the open Pacific. A good view of my Cameron Heights from the water.
belles lunch

the belles

jane austen dancers

July 2nd:  Another sunny day was welcome as Evalina and I attended a Jane Austen Tea at the Rollins Art Centre. I enjoyed the period costumes and dance performances of the local Centennial Belles.


lots of car shows

another good ride...

July 1st:  We have found this part of Vancouver Island has been very rich in antique, classic and sports cars for over 50 years. There is a Show-n-Shine or race virtually every weekend. Folks here really love their cars.

Fred is enjoying the Island highways in his (4th) Firebird.

that was fun!

please wave

over the airport

going higher

my glider ride

June 28th:  As this exciting day continued, Fred & Evalina then surprised me with my first glider ride - - started by a tow to 4,000' and a memorable peaceful float that seemed to last forever...

my street

view of cameron heights

view of the alberni valley

sproat lake

with fred

in the cessna

cessna rides

cessna tour


June 28th:  Attended Open House at the Alberni Valley Flying Club today. Fred & Evalina took me for a Cessna tour of Sproat Lake, Port Alberni and even my subdivision (Cameron Heights) and Motion Drive.



copter takeoff




June 28th:  Lovely day for an air show:  C130 water tanker, Aurora, Cormorant, biplane and more.
at the mill tour

mclean mill

the mill

our steam engine

window seat

train ride

train station

June 27th:  Nice hot sunny day to board the Alberni steam engine train to attend a mill tour north of town.

fish & chip in victoria

June 18th:  A nice sunny daytrip to Duncan, Cobble Hill & the Log Cabin in Langford for fish & chips with good friends, Lesley, Peter & Fran.


June 15th:  We love the neighbourhood wildlife ... even if they nibble in the garden sometimes. It is common to see deer, racoons and black bear. Less visible are the cougar and wolves.

We've had no rain for many weeks and most days are over 30C and the grass has gone dormant.

theatre bar

at the little theatre

May 19th:  Another nice evening with friends at the live theatre.

lotsa meetings May 15th:  So many meetings in Port Alberni:  Catholic Womens League, seniors, garden club, politics...
  correct link for hummers April 26th:  We sometimes have as many as four hummingbirds at a time at the feeder. They are fascinating to watch...
harbour view March 23rd:  There is a new ship in the harbour every week. The pink blossoms line many streets in Port Alberni.
plywood park

March 21st:  Hiking along the Sproat River at Plywood Park

magnolia buds March 6th:  Here come the magnolias!
oops - came with heads


frosty wants our prawns

March 4th:  What is more delicious than jumbo spotted prawns just two hours out-of-the-ocean? Thanks to our new fisherman friends, we have been feasting well - our fjord also has dungeness crab, halibut, snapper, cod & four kinds of salmon. Further out they get Fanny Bay oysters & octopus for us.


cherry blossoms


Feb 28th:  What a month! It started with a greening of the moss, then crocuses on Feb 7th, followed by daffodils and blossoms.

f & e

east indian restaurant

Jan 27th:  Celebrated Fred's birthday tonight - delicious East Indian food with refreshing mango lassi.

frozen bears

polar bears

Then we zipped down to the beach to watch the brave ones in the local polar bear swim.


eggs benedict & mimosa

Jan 1st 2015:  Bringing in the New Year with eggs benedict and champagne mimosa. 


NY's eve

Dec 31st 2014:  I brought in the new year with a night of dancing at the Legion.
Bishop Michael Gordon

the blessing

Dec 20th:  Imagine my surprise when the Bishop of Whitehorse, the Most Reverend Gary Michael Gordon, was named Bishop of Victoria and my parish. He dropped in this weekend to bless the food for our Christmas luncheon.

2014 was an amazing year ... having pictures with both my Bishop and the Prime Minister!

grotto st mary

new church


Just minutes from home is my Port Alberni church. It has beautiful gardens that feature the Saint Mary grotto.

friday politics

Dec 19th:  Met our area Conservative MPs at a wine & cheese today at the golf club in Qualicum Beach. Lots of deer grazing on the greens ... no snow this month yet. We finished the day with a delicious seafood dinner at The Clam Bucket.



Dec 6th:  Nothing beats the sounds echoing in the valley of the Port Alberni choo-choo train...

Nov 28th:  We got an inch of snow today but that didn't stop another beautiful sunset. This first snowfall of the season brought down the rest o2014the leaves on my apple tree.

my mountain view

Nov 23rd:  While the WeatherNetwork says this week there was lots of snow all across Canada and down to Texas and a big dump in Buffalo, we were raking leaves and cutting the grass. This morning the local peaks are white for the first time! I love Vancouver Island.


Nov 4th:  After fourteen months I finally have my belongings back! When they heard in February I sold my home on Windermere Crescent, my estranged son & daughter (Victor Hutter of Port Elgin & Marilyn Watson of Waterloo) made their second of four attempts to unilaterally declare me mentally incompetent. They successfully obtained an Owen Sound court order to block me from my Herend china, my clothes, my jewellery, my hair dryer, my furniture, my photo albums, my bible - yes everything ... until I agree to return to Ontario for an capacity examination by some quack social worker in London. They also blocked my intended estate sale and the announced donation of the proceeds to the building fund for my church, Holy Trinity Parish.

As I start the unpacking of my 62 boxes, the task has me teary-eyed and rightfully so. Many good memories. It is a great day and I look forward to starting this new chapter on Vancouver Island.


birthday at the bavarian

Oct 20th:  For a second night we've been surprised by deer & bear in the neighbourhood. I celebrated my 83rd birthday with Fred & Evalina at The Little Bavaria tonite. Lots of good German food, desserts, music and Hungarian white wine. Thank you to all who sent cards and called!

the Little Bavaria restaurant

the band



Oct 17th:  Who knew Port Alberni has been celebrating Oktoberfest for 48 years? I was treated with folk dances, bratwurst, frankfurters, potato salad, sauerkraut and a dozen dance partners. It's been 20 years since I had a night like this! 


motion roses

motion drive

my ocean view

Oct 15th:  Here is my winter home in Port Alberni, Vancouver Island. The deer and bear visit my apple tree almost every evening and I have a wonderful view of the Pacific. The neighbours promise I will never need to shovel snow...

grove giant

cathedral grove

Oct 13th:  Three days of driving and we're finally in the Alberni Valley on Vancouver Island. The whole trip the trees have been getting bigger ... from 12" trunks in the Yukon to these in Cathedral Grove.

perfect spot

Oct 12th:  Lots of excitement with a bison herd blocking the highway last night. Today we have beautiful blue skies and found the perfect place for a picnic just south of Fort Nelson BC.

following freddy

Oct 11th:  There's been 8" of snow in the Yukon already but it's the last I'll be seeing for awhile. I will miss all my new friends at "the club" because the U-Haul is packed and today we're heading down the Alaska Hwy and back to Vancouver Island for the winter. 

Fanny Bay oysters

victoria quay

Sept 18th:  Toasting a new chapter in my life by trying those famous Fanny Bay oysters (for the first time). In just a few minutes me, Fred and Evalina (she's holding the camera) watched dozens of salmon jumping like crazy as they enter the Somass River from the Pacific. I love this Island and it's ideal for my winter home. I am happy here and will be back soon...

Coombs goats

goats on the roof

Sept 16th:  Having fun with some of the famous Coombs goats who live on this sod roof.


Sept 15th:  It's so warm down here and the bears are much more friendly than ours in the Yukon.

ferry to vancouver island

Sept 13th:  Sailing into the sunset with my son, Fred. We all flew to Vancouver and now we're on the ferry half-way to Vancouver Island. The 49th parallel is way nicer than the 60th!  Back home there's snow on the peaks and frost already.

atlin bc

Sept 12th 2014:  Due to elder abuse by my estranged daughter & son (Marilyn Watson & Victor Hutter), I was forced to leave my beloved Windermere home in Woodstock exactly one year ago today. I celebrated with an inspiring visit to Atlin BC.

supermoon & frosty


Sept 8th:  A pleasant evening on "supermoon" nite with Frosty at our home in Judas Creek Marina.

beaver at work

Sept 8th:  A busy beaver stocking branches for winter

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Aug 31st:  Most Sundays you can find me at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Whitehorse






Aug 29th:  Started the long weekend with a trip to the Beringia wildlife museum.  Ten thousand years ago this place was loaded with mammoths, sabre tooth tigers & bison.

pm & me

mr & mrs harper!

marina bear

Aug 20th:  Well what a week this was!  It's nice to have friends in high places - Fred & Evalina took me to meet Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Laureen. I saw a moose on the Alaska Hwy, chinook salmon at the fish ladder in the Yukon River and a black bear snacking on the saskatoon berries beside our cabin.

artist Aug 10th:  Meghan keeps us busy at "the club"!
train gang

train break

T & M

TH & ice cream

megan ice cream


megan & bear


Aug 8th:  The best way to see "heaven on earth" is by train & bus with some of your good friends ... and don't forget to stop for ice cream!

klondike TH


July 22nd:  26C - Evalina, Fred and I are in Whitehorse celebrating some excellent news on this the warmest day of the summer so far - 26C. My bank has thawed my bank accounts! My estranged son & daughter (Victor Hutter of Port Elgin & Marilyn Watson of Waterloo) unilaterally declared me mentally incompetent in Sept/2013 and seized my bank investments. I finally regained control today. It took me ten months to get a letter from my specialist satisfactory to my bank and reverse the damage of what the police call mischievous activity. I call it elder abuse.


the agony of defeat ... in Rio

July 8th:  So it's my Brazil against Germany and who do I cheer for?  My mistake...


June 28th:  Can't wait 'til Friday.  My Brazilian team plays Columbia!!

solstice sunset

solstice midnite

June 21st:  I can't believe it!  Here's Marsh Lake at midnite on solstice.  Blue sky and not a single star up there.  Sunset was at 11:30pm and sunrise will come at 3:30am and the birds will start singing! 


May 30th:  No Spring, we've gone straight from Winter to Summer!  Do you see why I call Yukon home?  Why would anyone want to leave this place?

mama bear & cub

May 17th:  Marsh Lake black bears & their cubs are coming out of hibernation.

thomson freda April 30th:  A good day for Freda, my friend at "the club".  She's 93!

April 14th:  Finally a hint of Spring here at Marsh Lake marina - open water and the first swans and duckies.


April 14th:  Frosty really loves the snow and will miss it soon.  Her first birthday was in February.


March 3rd:  Almost no snow (or wind) since New Years Day but there's four feet of ice out there.  Always lots of blue sky on my daily walks!

Every once-in-awhile we can watch the Northern Lights around midnight.

chinese a&w

Feb 22nd:  It's been milder here in the Yukon than in Woodstock these past few weeks. There's been almost no snow since New Years Day but that didn't hurt this week's international ice sculpture display in Whitehorse. After chatting with the artist from China, we went for mama burgers.

moose snow

Feb 20th:  During my first five months here the only wildlife I saw was the marina bald eagles. But this week was amazing. I added two moose, a coyote, a fox and a bunch of ptarmigan to my list!

clik for audio


Feb 15th 2014:  Zoom-Zoom touched the hearts of many in Judas Creek. He was our little athlete and so caught us all by surprise when he took a trip to meet his special buddy Topaz in pet heaven this weekend...


With even more snow on Christmas Day 2013, Frosty and I have almost three feet of powder to play in now...

BTW, I'm calling CNN tomorrow with my new remedy for alzheimers:  Hungarian Golden Pear!

the YouTube links:  video#1 & video#2


A very Merry Christmas to all my friends, fellow-parishioners & relatives who have been so supportive in my elder abuse battle. I have told my estranged son Victor Hutter of Port Elgin, my estranged daughter Marilyn Watson of Waterloo & my estranged granddaughter Christine Hutter Baird of Penticton BC that I never want to see them or talk to them for the rest of my life...


Dec 18th:  -37C & two feet of snow - I can handle that ok. But there's stuff going on back in Ontario which is sending all my life plans down the toilet. My son Victor Hutter of Port Elgin & my daughter Marilyn Watson of Waterloo left me to die when I fell down the basement stairs last August and today I find instead of getting an apology, they have asked the Ontario Superior Court to force me to come back to their care. I moved to the Yukon Sept 12th to escape their despicable behaviour and heal. I don't want to live anymore if they are in charge of my well being and money. This is truly elder abuse and I dearly hope many other seniors can learn from my "overly trusting" mistakes.


Dec 9th & 12" of snow. I love it here but getting real excited about a trip to Ontario. I'm planning to tour some Woodstock retirement homes starting Jan 25th.


Dec 2nd:  Hey, I'm a Yukoner now! Got my health & Pharmacare cards today.

Dec 4th:  I agreed to sell Windermere to my neighbour today.  It's -32 outside and there's 7" of snow so far...

frosty ice coming

Nov 10th:  It's starting to freeze...


hiking the Marsh Lake shoreline on my 82nd Birthday

Oct 20, 2013 video

birthday hike  
     my YouTube hiking video

shoreline hike

hiking the Marsh Lake shoreline on my 82nd Birthday

Oct 20, 2013

frosty break

taking a gardening break with Frosty


this place is heaven on earth!

snow where?


whitehorse airport

So, I'm finally in Whitehorse Yukon

  Lots of fall colours...
  Finally over the Yukon...

Glaciers near Alaska/BC/Yukon border

forest fire

Forest fire near Alaska border (Sept 12, 2013)

 In August 2013 my son & daughter (Victor Hutter of Port Elgin & Marilyn Watson of Waterloo) left me for dead at the bottom of my basement stairs.  Based on this and other elder abuse I decided to fly to the Yukon to live with my eldest son and his spouse (Fred Hutter & Evalina Zamana) at Marsh Lake Marina.
frosty in the kitchen

Frosty-Girl in Woodstock  (May 2,  2013)

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